Book Introduction: Timothy Keller, The Meaning of Marriage

Timothy Keller, The Meaning of Marriage 01


The spiritual mentor of today's youth,
Pastor Timothy Keller's balanced biblical perspective on marriage.

The very sermon that stirred intense reactions and debates among numerous young people in Manhattan, New York!
(Amazon Overall Rank #357, Marriage Category #3)

Timothy Keller's balanced biblical view on marriage!
Finding an exit in the maze of married life!

These prejudices that dominate this era are, in a word, 'nonsense.'
Marriage is mostly unhappy?
Marriage is about finding the perfect 'soul mate'?
Marriage is fundamentally an issue of property and ownership?
Marriage is highly fluid and prone to change?
Marriage is merely an institution that oppresses women's identity?
Marriage does not align with the inherent psychological state of humans?
Marriage only leads to suffocating despair?
Marriage is about becoming a slave to someone?
Marriage is just a 'marriage certificate' that complicates love?

There is no greater and more important relationship than marriage.
Marriage is infinitely painful but even more wonderful!
Marriage is a decision to willingly lay down one's freedom for the spouse!
Marriage is about tasting deep unity!
Marriage is a public promise to take responsibility for each other!
Marriage is a fence that protects love!
Nothing matures a person more than marriage!
Marriage is a foretaste and preview of the kingdom of God to come!
Marriage is filled with breathtakingly amazing promises!
Marriage has the power to change the course of one's life!


Timothy Keller, The Meaning of Marriage 01


Timothy Keller, an outstanding preacher whom Dallas Willard named as the most noteworthy pastor of this era and a bestselling author according to The New York Times.
This book, based on his sermon series, shows everyone—Christians and atheists, single men and women, long-time married couples, or engaged couples—the big picture of desirable married life as taught by the Bible.
Modern culture instills the belief that everyone has a soul mate, that romance is the most important factor for a happy marriage, that a spouse's role is to help realize each other's potential, that marriage only has meaning 'now' rather than 'until death do us part,' and that divorce and a fresh start is the best solution when marital issues arise. It reveals how far contemporary homes have strayed from God's principles.
Using the Bible as his guide and incorporating the keen insights of his wife, Kathy Keller, who has shared 37 years of married life with him, Timothy Keller shows that God created the institution of marriage to bring joy into our lives. He also reveals that the relationship between husband and wife, while incredibly mysterious, is often fraught with misunderstandings and misconceptions. If you seek to know and love God more deeply, you will undoubtedly gain clear interpretations of biblical teachings and crucial lessons for a successful marriage through this book.